The Chemically

Divine Laboratory

The Chemically Divine Lab offers beauty product formulation services to indie brands and beauty entrepreneurs. Submit an inquiry form today to get started with our formulation consultation.

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The Formulation Process

  1. Submit your inquiry form & schedule a consultation.
  2. Attend consultation.
  3. Payment is received.
  4. Fragrance samples are shipped.
  5. First prototype is shipped.
  6. Submit your evaluation of the Prototype.
  7. We adjust your formulation as needed. ( 2 adjustments max)
  8. Stability Testing
  9. Microbiology (PET) Testing
  10. Receive digital formula & ownership.
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What does The Chemically Divine Lab do?

We offer cosmetic research and development services for personal care, haircare, and skincare brands and entrepreneurs. We perform product formulation and testing. We take your concept and make it a reality using divine-designed chemistry.

Our chemist works diligently formulating based on your product brief given at your consultation; they send your product prototypes right to your door for evaluation. How cool is that ? Need stability testing or microbial testing on the developed product? We can perform all these services for you and small bulk manufacturing.

Get your product formulation started today!

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Why Choose us?

Our formulation services can be a great asset to clients looking to build a successful beauty empire. Our services are tailored to help clients create custom beauty products that are tailored to their specific needs and brand philosophies. Our experienced team of formulators will work with clients to create the highest quality products. With our help, clients can create products that are unique to their brand and are sure to appeal to their target audience. Overall, our beauty formulation services can help clients create products that are sure to take their beauty empire to the next level.

Our Mission...

We are commited to helping brands, entrepreneurs, and aspiring cosmetic chemists reach their potential and succeed in the beauty industry. We provide a wide range of resources , from industry insights, cosmetic science education and advice, to industry contacts, and networking opportunities. Our team understands the unique challenges faced by those in the beauty industry and are here to provide personalized support and guidance. We hope to give everyone in the cosmetic industry the tools they need to thrive. We know starting a brand or growing a brand can be stressful, we are here to help anyway we can.

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